Staff Corner

The School has recruited teachers in all subject areas who are dedicated to their profession. All faculty members possess higher degrees and are committed to the academic progress and pastoral care of each student. They use innovative teaching techniques, supported by modern technology to arouse the intellectual curiosity of the child.









Sri Sivakumar.N.V M.Sc.B.Ed
Vice Principal  
Mrs. Shoba Periera

M.A. B.Ed

Mrs. R.Prathima  
Department of English
Mrs. Swetha Chavan S M.A.,B.Ed
Mrs.Sridevi  K
M.A., B.Ed
Mrs. Vaidehi S K M.A. B.Ed
Mrs.Harshitha  G M.A.,B.Ed
Department of Kannada
Mr. Shanthakumar M.A. B.Ed
Mrs.Hemalatha R M.A. B.Ed
Mrs.Ramamani B.A., B.Ed
Mrs.Shewetha  B S B.A.,B.Ed
Department of Hindi
Mrs. Manjula M.A, B.Ed
Mrs. Sheela  V
M.A., B.Ed
Mrs.Latha N
M.A. B.Ed
Mrs.Veena S M.A.,B.Ed
Department of Mathematics
Mrs. R.Prathima M.Sc., B.Ed
Mrs. Rashmi P S B.Sc., B.Ed
Mrs.. Veena N M.Sc., B.Ed
Ms.Prazella R M.Sc., B.Ed
Mrs.Soujanya M.Sc., B.Ed
Department of Science
Ms.Lakshmi .J M.Sc, B.Ed
Mrs. Sudha G B.Sc., M.Ed
Mrs.Sujatha Marathi M.Sc., B.Ed
Mrs.Deepa Krishna B.Sc, B.Ed
Department of Social Science
Mrs. Shobarani B.A. B.Ed
Mrs.Geetha MohanPrasad M.A. B.Ed
Mrs. Shoba Periera M.A. B.Ed
Department of Computer Science
Mrs. Chaithra S
Mrs.Vijayashree A MCA
Department of Fine Art
Mrs. Bhagya K
B.A Music, (Vocal)
Mr. Gururaj Urs B.N M.FA
Department of Physical Education
Mr. Narasimha. N B.A,B.P.Ed
Mr.Srilatha M.A,B.P.Ed
Kindergarten Section
Mrs.Chinthu D P B.A, P.P.T.T
Ms. Parvathi Bai B.A.,P.P.T.T
Mrs. Ashwini Prakash  M.Sc. Montessori
Mrs. Suchithra  B.A.  Montessori
Department of Library & Information Science
Ms. Shoba  P
Mr. H.S.Thrinesh M.A.,B.Ed.,B.P.Ed

                                        Details of Teaching Staff Members - 2018-19

NAME DESIGNATION Date of Birth Date of Appointment Trained / Untrained Probation / Confirmed
Sivakumar N.V. Principal 07.11.1966 01.04.2010 Trained Confirmed
Thrinesh  H S Administrator 20.09.1965 21.10.1991 Trained Confirmed
Shoba Perira Vice Principal 06.07.1969 21.05.2001 Trained Confirmed
Shantha Kumar Asst.Teacher 08.05.1976 23.05.2005 Trained Confirmed
Sudha.G Asst.Teacher 23.10.1975 23.05.2006 Trained Confirmed
Prathima  R Asst.Teacher 07.03.1980 02.01.2007 Trained Confirmed
Vaidehi  S K Asst.Teacher 05.01.1972 23.04.2007 Trained Confirmed
Manjula Asst.Teacher 01.07.1975 23.04.2007 Trained Confirmed
Lakshmi.J Asst.Teacher 24.1.1988 01.08.2015 Trained Confirmed
Chaitra Comp.Teacher 20.9.1986 23.04.2014 Trained Confirmed
Rashmi P.S. Asst.Teacher 29.06.1975 16.05.2009 Trained Confirmed
Shobha Rani Asst.Teacher 19.05.1977 02.06.2010 Trained Confirmed
Gururaja Urs DrawingTeacher 31.03.1980 24.05.2010 Trained Confirmed
Chinthu Nursery.Teacher 25.05.1976 24.05.2011 Trained Confirmed
Narasimha H.K. Phy.Edu.Teacher 20.05.1984 15.09.2010 Trained Confirmed
Ramamani Asst.Teacher 14.07.1981 16.05.2011 Trained Confirmed
Bhagya K Music.Teacher 11.05.1979 22.05.2014 Trained Confirmed
Veena.N Asst.Teacher 20.07.1970 14.05.2012 Trained Confirmed
Shoba.P Librarian 22.12.1978 14.05.2012 Trained Confirmed
Renuka Lab.Asst 01.06.1979 01.06.2012 Trained Confirmed
Hemalatha Asst.Teacher 27.12.1976 16.05.2013 Trained Confirmed
Soujanya Asst.Teacher 15.08.1984 16.05.2013 Trained Confirmed
Ashwini Prakash Nursery.Teacher 21.05.1981 16.05.2013 Trained Confirmed
Sandhya Nursery.Teacher 18.10.1973 16.05.2013 Trained Confirmed
Srilatha Phy.Edu.Teacher 26.05.1987 22.05.2017 Trained Probation
Prazella Asst.Teacher 18.07.1984 16.05.2013 Trained Confirmed
Sridevi K Asst.Teacher 16.04.1976 22.05.2014 Trained  Confirmed
Swetha Chavan Asst.Teacher 17.04.1986 01.12.2017 Trained Probation
Sujatha Marathi Asst.Teacher 0.09.1985 22.05.2014 Trained Confirmed
Latha N Asst.Teacher 05.08.1986 21.05.2015 Trained Confirmed
Swetha B S Asst.Teacher 12.12.1984 21.05.2015 Trained Confirmed
Parvathi Bai Nursery.Teacher 22.04.1975 01.06.2016 Trained Confirmed
Harshitha G Asst.Teacher 15.07.1988 22.05.2017 Trained Probation
Veena S Asst.Teacher 03.09.1984 02.01.2018 Trained Probation
Deepakrishna Asst.Teacher 07.01.1978 22.05.2017 Trained Confirmed
Vijayashree A v Comp.Teacher 01.05.1988 22.05.2017 Trained Probation