Drawing Competition 2023

Drawing and Painting Competition - 2023

Drawing and Painting Competition

Date 6/10/2023

Drawing and painting Competition
Drawing helps children develop pre- writing skills.
1. Finger, hand, arms and shoulder’s strength
2. Pencil grasp
3. Making sense of images.

The drawing and painting competition was organized at the school Premises, which started at 9:00 am – 11:30 am and was coordinated by the art department and co-curricular department along with the support of teachers.

Students from various classes ranging from grade I to X enthusiastically took part in the competition.  The judges will be judging on the criteria of composition, colour tone, creativity and proportionate. The Student’s artistic skills and the creativity were truly commendable.

The best ones will be awarded with a Prize of first Second & third Positions for all the respective. Classes from grade I to X