Staff Corner

Staff Corner

The School has recruited teachers in all subject areas who are dedicated to their profession. All faculty members possess higher degrees and are committed to the academic progress and pastoral care of each student. They use innovative teaching techniques, supported by modern technology to arouse the intellectual curiosity of the child.

Mysore West Lions Sevaniketan School

Our Core Members

Principal – M.Sc., B.Ed


Administrator – M.A.,B.Ed.,B.P.Ed

Department of English

Ms. K. Sridevi

M.A., B.Ed

Ms. Harshitha G

B.A., B.Ed

Ms. Swetha Chavan

B.A., B.Ed

Department of Kannada

Mr. Shanthakumar

M.A., B.Ed

Ms. Hemalatha S

M.A., B.Ed

Ms. Ramamani

B.A., B.Ed

Ms. Shwetha B.S

B.A., B.Ed

Department of Hindi

Ms. Manjula

M.A., B.Ed

Ms. V. Sheela


Ms. Latha .N

M A .,B.Ed

Ms. Veena Sachin

M A .,B.Ed

Department of Mathematics

Ms. R. Prathima

M.Sc., B.Ed

Ms. Rashmi P S

B.Sc., B.Ed

Ms. Veena R


Ms. Soujanya G R

B.Sc., B.Ed

Ms. Prazeela R

M.Sc., B.Ed

Department of Science

Ms. Swetha N

B.Sc., B.Ed

Ms. Sudha G

B.Sc., M.Ed

Ms. Sujatha Marathi

M.Sc., B.Ed

Ms. Deepa Krishna

B.Sc., B.Ed

Department of Social Science

Ms. Shobha rani

B.A., B.Ed

Ms. Shobha Pereira

M.A. B.Ed

Ms. Geetha Mohan

M.A. B.Ed

Department of Computer Science

Ms. Chaithra A


Ms. Sumithra A


Department of Fine Art

Ms. Bhagya K

B.A Music, (Vocal)

Mr. Gururaj Urs B. N


Department of Physical Education

Mr. Narasimha. H.K

B.A., B.P.Ed.

Ms. Srilatha P. B

M.A., B.P.Ed

Nursery Section

Ms. Chinthu D. P

B.A., P.P.T.T


Ms. Parvathi Bai

B.A., P.P.T.T

Department of Library & Information Science

Ms. Shoba P


Administrative Department

Ms. Mahadevamma

B.Com - Accounts Assistant

Ms. Renuka


Supporting staff

Ms. Leela
Ms. Chandrakala
Ms. Rekha
Ms. Kailasi
Mr. Chandrashekar
Mr. Nagendra
Mr. Ishwar
Mr. Bheema
NAMEDESIGNATIONDate of BirthDate of AppointmentTrained / UntrainedProbation / Confirmed
Mr. Sivakumar N.V.Principal07.11.196601.04.2010TrainedConfirmed
Mr. Thrinesh H SAdministrator20.09.196521.10.1991TrainedConfirmed
Ms. Shoba PerieraVice Principal06.07.196921.05.2001TrainedConfirmed
Mr. Shantha KumarAsst.Teacher08.05.197623.05.2005TrainedConfirmed
Ms. Sudha.GAsst.Teacher23.10.197523.05.2006TrainedConfirmed
Ms. Prathima RAsst.Teacher07.03.198002.01.2007TrainedConfirmed
Ms. Vaidehi S KAsst.Teacher05.01.197223.04.2007TrainedConfirmed
Ms. ManjulaAsst.Teacher01.07.197523.04.2007TrainedConfirmed
Ms. Swetha.NAsst.Teacher10.7.199002.05.2019TrainedConfirmed
Ms. Chaithra.AComp.Teacher20.9.198623.04.2014TrainedConfirmed
Ms. Rashmi P.S.Asst.Teacher29.06.197516.05.2009TrainedConfirmed
Ms. Shobha RaniAsst.Teacher19.05.197702.06.2010TrainedConfirmed
Mr. Gururaja UrsDrawing Teacher31.03.198024.05.2010TrainedConfirmed
Ms. Chinthu D PNursery.Teacher25.05.197624.05.2011TrainedConfirmed
Mr. Narasimha H.K.Phy.Edu.Teacher20.05.198415.09.2010TrainedConfirmed
Ms. RamamaniAsst.Teacher14.07.198116.05.2011TrainedConfirmed
Ms. Bhagya KMusic.Teacher11.05.197922.05.2014TrainedConfirmed
Ms. Veena.NAsst.Teacher20.07.197014.05.2012TrainedConfirmed
Ms. Shoba.PLibrarian22.12.197814.05.2012TrainedConfirmed
Ms. RenukaLab.Asst01.06.197901.06.2012TrainedConfirmed
Ms. HemalathaAsst.Teacher27.12.197616.05.2013TrainedConfirmed
Ms. SoujanyaAsst.Teacher15.08.198416.05.2013TrainedConfirmed
Ms. Ashwini PrakashNursery.Teacher21.05.198116.05.2013TrainedConfirmed
Ms. SandhyaNursery.Teacher18.10.197316.05.2013TrainedConfirmed
Ms. SrilathaPhy.Edu.Teacher26.05.198722.05.2017TrainedConfirmed
Ms. PrazellaAsst.Teacher18.07.198416.05.2013TrainedConfirmed
Ms. Sridevi KAsst.Teacher16.04.197622.05.2014TrainedConfirmed
Ms. Swetha ChavanAsst.Teacher17.04.198601.12.2017TrainedConfirmed
Ms. Sujatha MarathiAsst.Teacher0.09.198522.05.2014TrainedConfirmed
Ms. Latha NAsst.Teacher05.08.198621.05.2015TrainedConfirmed
Ms. Swetha B SAsst.Teacher12.12.198421.05.2015TrainedConfirmed
Ms. Parvathi BaiNursery.Teacher22.04.197501.06.2016TrainedConfirmed
Ms. Harshitha GAsst.Teacher15.07.198822.05.2017TrainedConfirmed
Ms. DeepakrishnaAsst.Teacher07.01.197822.05.2017TrainedConfirmed
Ms. Swetha NAsst.Teacher10.07.19902.05.2019TrainedConfirmed
Ms. Sumithra AAsst.Teacher13.10.19971.06.2019TrainedConfirmed
Ms. Geetha MohanAsst.Teacher19.05.19702.07.2018TrainedConfirmed
Ms. Sheela VAsst.Teacher05.07.197215.5.2014TrainedConfirmed